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Article about The Way We Lie Post by Jennifer Ericsson

Lies can be expressed in a variety of ways, as recorded in the reading "The Way We Lie" (Ericsson, Pg. 216-224). At times you can tell a lie without even getting noticed but other times you can get caught in between a lie, and what good is the truth when you could hurt the other person's feeling such as saying " Man, you do not look decent today" or " Oh my gosh, what are you wearing? This isn't the 20th century" there are always different ways people take in criticism either they take it favorably and approve and grow from this, or else they can look at it negatively bringing their self-esteem down and then even making them believe there outer appearance in addition to inner isn't considered 'right'. Even though we don't appear to realize their reaction to the fact or unfriendly reminder of something that was said to them, those words might still mock them , because it was about them. The thing about a 'white lie' is it is only a little lie, just meaning to boost others whereas, when it's not a white lie, the lie is generally utilized to protectyourself in a situation. Although white lies are believed never to be told they times can save relationship(s), even giving great complicates to people to make them feel good about herself and, and plus everyone lies why should you get looked down upon if others tell white lies as well. For all those who have relationships either, together with their families, friends, and/or married or just a few most of us seem to believe that a white lie, would hurt and ruin a relationship which sometimes it might, but it is all dependent on the white lie you send to the individual or group of people. When Jennifer Moses suggests in her post, "Did I remember to go to the dry cleaners? Yes - but it was already closed. Can I enjoy that delicious.

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