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Fahrenheit 451 And 1984 - WORRIES Of Utopia Essay

Many conflicting frames of brain have played defining functions in shaping humanity through the entire twentieth century. Philosophical optimism of a bright potential held by humanity generally was taken benefit of by the guarantee of a much better lifestyle through sacrifice of individuality to the condition. In the books Brave " NEW WORLD ", 1984, and Fahrenheit 451 apparent opposition to these delicate entrapments was voiced in similarly convincing methods. They all established first, to varying examples of stability, the atmosphere and seductiveness of the “utopia” and worries of the results of performing in the non-prescribed way through personality development. An individual character is alienated due to their inability to conform - frequently in protest to the forced circumstances of pleasure and well becoming. Their struggle is to cover up this truth from the state’s relentless guidance of (supposedly) everything. This leads them to ultimately enter into conflict with some hands of the condition which acts as the authors tone of voice presenting the reader with the ‘absurdity’ of the concepts which the society is situated. The similar concern with the state’s misuse of power and technology at the trouble of individual individuality present within these novels speaks to the relevance of the novels within their historic context and their usefulness for awakening visitors to the horrendous implications of their ignorance. In these novels the primary people are, or become, struggling to comply with the society’s requirements. These people represent the authors’ look at of the ‘utopia’ because they view it with the veil of ignorance taken out. In 1984, for example, we begin with a personality, Winston, who's observing the ironies of the world about him constantly. Through his job at the ministry of truth, he becomes a tactile hand of the state, creating fiction to aid its endeavors: “Comrade Ogilvy, unimagined one hour ago, was now an undeniable fact he would exist mainly because authentically as Charlemange and Julius Caesar simply.” (1984, p54) As the book progresses he becomes more alert to his individuality and finally struggles to hide it. In Fahrenheit 451 similarly, Montag becomes alert to issues with his society, however, not logically - emotionally. It disturbs him greatly whenever a medical team that helps his wife appear and disappear within moments: “There are way too many folks, he thought. There are vast amounts of us and that’s way too many. Nobo...

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