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Wagnerian Essay

Wagnerian I have a buddy, Matthew, who's a Wagnerian. For those of you who do not know exactly what tropical species is allalso, "Wagnerian" denotes someone who listens to the operas of Richard Wagner and adores them to some level bordering on the absurd. And he's continually astounded by the fact that I do not get off on Wagner to the level that he does. He also hit me once when I referred to Wagner as a proto-Nazi. Granted we were both a bit drunk at the time, but even so, you might find a bit of an idea just how much respect and love Matthew has for its various works of Richard W. Nonetheless, I stand by both of these statements. There is no point denying that the proto-Nazi thing, since handsome Adolf said it himself: "whoever wishes to understand National Socialist Germany should first understand Wagner." Michael Tanner attempts to reevaluate Wagner's influence on the development of both Nazi Germany by saying Hitler was not the only one from the Nazi ruler who actually liked Wagner, and also all the others needed to be dragged to Wagner productions under protest, but even so I don't believe he denies Wagner's influence blatant. And even though anti-Semitic viewpoints were less unfashionable in the previous part of the century when they are nowadays (certain quarters such as the KKK notwithstanding) so that Hitler could really have picked them up from anywhere, he himself speci fically called Wagner because his source. So let us quit quibbling on this point. I am also going to stand out from my additional announcement about Wagner not actually doing it for me. I really don't have issues with 19th century Romanticism. (of that Wagner became by common consent one of the best exemplars and proponents) per.

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