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Evaluation of Elie Wiesel's Night Essay example

The Holocaust changed the lives of the many. People who survived have many terrifying stories to tell. Many survivors are too scared to tell their story because their experiences are too shocking to express in words. Eli Wiesel simplifies this anxiety by openly minding his survival of the Holocaust. "Night", his powerful and moving story, touches the hearts of numerous and instructs his readers a wonderful lesson. He teaches that in a brief period of time, the manners of the world will change for the worst. He wants to be certain that if the world did not understand anything from hearing about the atrocities of the Holocaust, perhaps they will be able to learn something out of Elie's own expertise. Generally, someone can internalize a situation better when one hears the story of one single person. His narrative presents many themes that you may learn enormous lesson from. He wants to allow the reader know that without hope, there's absolutely not any reason to continue living. That is what assisted Elie Wiesel provide him the power to tell the world what actually occurred. A major subject in "Night" is Eliezer's constant struggle with faith in God. At the beginning, he had been a pupil who would frequently understand both Talmud and Kabala together with his teacher Moshe the Beadle. This helped him strengthen his belief in God as a young boy. Kabala talks about how God is all in the world and that nothing else exists but God himself. The Talmud talks about the way God made the coexistence of good and bad and that all that God does is for the great. He thought it was clear that God existed, as how else would one understand a person's existence in this planet? When Eliezer was asked why he prays to God he responds by stating, "Why do I pray? Why do I live? ...

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