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Analysis and Explanation of McDonalds’ Dollar Menu Essay

The content of the document start by introducing McDonalds’ and in addition clarifies the company’s dollar menu. The record contains a explanation of my selected item also; ‘the dollar menu’ with regards to the four utilities of customer value, possession mainly, time, form and place. The document also identifies the product’s marketplace in the US in addition to in China, your competition of the merchandise category in both true home and foreign markets, it contains a conclusion of how I'd apply the segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) method of market the merchandise in the foreign market; it discusses the main environmental trends and specifics in the foreign marketplaces that may affect sales of the merchandise, it explains how I'd develop, perform and measure a advertising campaign for the product taking into consideration the four p’s (product, cost, promotion, and place) and finally, the U be discussed by it.S. and international ethical advertising factors. McDonald’s Dollar Menu McDonald's may be the world's largest chain of hamburger junk food restaurants. The restaurant has worldwide places in over 119 countries. The company started in 1940 and mainly sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, breakfast items, carbonated drinks, chicken, french fries milkshakes, and desserts. The business also sells salads, seafood, smoothies, wraps, and fruit. In response to changing financial consumer and trends incomes as well as spending habits, the company has extended its menu to add the ‘dollar menu’ (Malcolm M. & Hugh W 2011). The dollar menu is usually several menu products at McDonalds that can be the lowest priced items that are for sale to sale at McDonalds. The things are often costed between $0.99 and $1.49. The dollar menu was created by the...

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