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Discourses of Conformity in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and Advice to Young Ladies

Discourses of Conformity in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and Advice to Young Ladies One text, even despite the appearance of neutrality, is due to special discourses. Throughout the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest composed by Ken Kesey, along with the poem Advice to Young Ladies crafted by A.D. Hope, there's evidence to suggest that the discourses represented with the characters in the text Publish the ways discourses of both conformity underpin the characters' activities, perceptions and motives, in addition to encouraging and silencing beliefs, values and attitudes of individualism. The writer and poet have the ability to strongly communicate their beliefs about the value of identity to the reader from their point of view. The three prominent discourses that both the novel and poem discuss and symbolize are: conformity, sexuality and Christianity. These values are privileged from the publication and challenged by this poem. The dominant discourse of conformity in the publication is characterised largely by minding the rules explained by Kesey. At the onset of the book, all of the severe and the silenced chronic patients conform to the principles of Nurse Ratched, the major antagonist, until the coming of McMurphy. This is shown by the following quotation: "she blows up bigger and bigger, big as a tractor..." (p.5). McMurphy is portrayed as a Jesus figure in the publication. After he arrives, he starts to take control of the sufferers. He starts to take the role of leader. Kesey has foregrounded the personality of McMurphy to be different thus creating a binary opposite that is represented in the novel. Kesey shows the binary opposites as being good versus evil. The former is represented with the con-man, McMurphy, and the latter is represented with the Head Nurs...

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