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Writer on Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

Through attention to detail, repeated comparison, altering tone, and dialogue that gives the characters an opportunity to voice their feelings, Elizabeth Gaskell creates a divide between the poor working class and the rich higher class at Mary Barton. Gaskell puts focus on the gaps that divide both classes from describing the lavish, comfortable, and lavish life that the wealthy enjoy and compares it to the impoverished and miserable life that the poor have to survive through. Although Gaskell shows the inequality that's present between the two social classes, she also indicates that you can find similarities between these. The tone and diction alter halfway through the novel to highlight the aspects that unify the poor and wealthy. In the start of the story John Barton exclaims that, “The rich know nothing of these trials of this poor” (11), demonstrating that besides the total amount of material possessions that you possesses, what divides both social classes is ability to sense and feel hardship. John Barton views those of the top course as chilly individuals incapable of having pain and regret. Gaskell, nevertheless proves Barton incorrect and demonstrates that though there are a variety of differences which split both social classes, they are merged through their capacity to sense emotions and also to go through times of hardship. Gaskell’s novel shows the problematic stress between the two social groups, but also offers a solution to this difficulty in the type of communication, which could enable both sides to talk of their concerns and anxieties and remove misunderstandings. Originally Gaskell generates a rift between the social classes by comparing the differences in their residences and lifestyles. The scene where John Bart...

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