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Just Breathing Essay

Just Breathing Ill-timed experiences with torment and death will always leave one behind as a reflective and thought full individual. "Just Breathing", which was published in 1997 from the book "Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll: Stories to end the century", deals with a woman who believes, that she has changed after an odd meeting with the girl Magde. This essay includes an analysis and an interpretation of Nina as well as the purpose Madge has in Nina's life. The narrative begins quite surprising because the reader is practically thrown to the story and the characters are not introduced. If you take a look at the verbs at the first 3 lines you will observe that the majority of these are written in past tense. Thus you are able to see that the narrator is looking down on the story of Nina. It is unclear whether or not the narrator understands Nina, but by examining the text furtherer it becomes increasingly more evident that it is a narrator who is within the brief story. From time to time when telling the story the narrator interrupts Nina to comment on the thoughts and actions of her own, "Line 6, p 1 nor did illness never hit in term time?]" And "Line 101, p 4[purchasing twenty five Benson & Hedges. (Twenty!)]" . Within this brief narrative Diana Hendry uses inner monologues to show the emotionally affected woman, Nina, and her lifestyle following a close encounter with death. Nina is a middle-aged girl who has taught English Literature for 15 decades and she's married to Tom. Following a serious asthma attack Nina is back in your home...

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