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Stereotypes Essay

Those who refuse biological advantages for gender are flying into the face of scientific proof (Moir and Moir 2000, p118.) Ensuring equality between men and women is taking on a new appearance. As we mature as a civilization and continue to strive to the rights of taxpayers to become really equal in the social context of our lives, irrespective of race or sex (religion has a lot farther to go in this area), we are presented with new obstacles to overcome. Sure, as mature citizens we might feel that there is equal opportunity available to everyone, however unless we have experienced an upbringing and education that has provided the right platform where we could develop to our thoughts, these opportunities are merely a front for equality. When analysed closely, deficiencies have been shown within our social construct which actually inhibit accurate equality. Instead of success being ensured (something we would expect everyone has the potential to accomplish), it will become a lottery. Available only to people who by virtue of opportunity, be able to fit to the limited scope of learning and education that our societal practices has evolved into. The barrier which exists between true equality and equal opportunity begins at the developmental stages of our youth. Within the circles of the areas of analysis, there's an agreement that much is needed to be done to be able to realize a true amount of equality, however, the processes of change necessary to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved differs greatly depending on what school of thought is applied. These differences in opinions as how to achieve the desired outcome arrive from a gap in the way these obstacles are perceived (to be created) in the first place. To put it differently, the question that has to be addressed...

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