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The Role and Contributions of Prospero to The Tempest Essay

The Role and Contributions of Prospero to The Tempest Prospero is the main character in the play. Throughout the play, all events are centred on him, since he is the protagonist. He's the conductor of every character and every event which happens during the play and can relate his aspirations into each and every character in the drama. The main ideas of the play are developed via the character of Prospero in several dimensions. In other words, as the play develops, its main ideas are made evident through the nature of Prospero. For example, the concept of colonialism is designed via the relationship between Prospero and Caliban on getting to the island. This is afterwards developed into the thought of rebellion when Caliban fails to comply with Prospero’s orders Prospero’s contributions to the drama place him in an inevitable position. In other words, his character represents the plot and his character plays a prominent role in the play. His character functions as director within the play, as he controls all the events. Prospero’s creation of the tempest at the beginning of the play makes evident his contribution to the plot, due to the fact that it re enforces the whole idea of the play, suggested by the title; The Tempest. Other instances of contribution include, stopping the plan of Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano to kill him and finally, Antonio and Sebastian’s plan to kill Alonso and Gonzalo. The outstanding contributions of Prospero to the various themes in “The Tempest” also make evident the importance of his role. Through Shakespe...

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