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The Fundamental Principles of Christianity Essays

There has always been some type of Christianity in history. Consistently new methods of doing things with every generation that comes of age. The changes that are made have not been with the conception of destroying the established ways but having establishing a continuity to conserve what is currently and what is new. This is referred to as the preservation of kind or the very first note of fidelity of the existing developments of Christianity also referred to as the Basics of Christianity. There are 3 specific principles that I find to be intriguingly fascinating. The Bible is full of directions as to the way God wants his people to live. It speaks of our relationship with God himself, instead of prayer and also his word in our own lives, and how to develop in that connection. It talks about connections in the house, relationships with other believers, how we should treat our enemies , our attitude to our authoritative figure and workers, what we should do with the gifts God has given us the virtues we must want to develop in our personalities, our attitude to material possessions,and also how we should regard this life in relationship to another. We don't need any special guidance to find out God's will about these items. All we need to do is read the Bible frequently and prayerfully and attempt to comply with the things that God teaches us out of it. A lot of God's will have been left plain. God gives us the Holy Spirit for the purpose of allowing us to obey. However, although the Bible is full of general principles of demeanor, it obviously doesn't give us specific directions in many situations we might face. It tells us what our attitude to our job should be, but it doesn't inform us if we ought to be butchers, bakers or missionaries. It provides a minimal o.. .

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Working class
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Capitalist working category
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International organization
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