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Essay on Researching How Keats Finds Beauty In Death

There's absolutely no life without death, without death without life. Life and death mutually define each other and with no one, the other would have no meaning. Keats was a British poet very concerned with passing and human mortality. His poems usually cope with his struggle to accept his own mortality and his attempt to flee from reality into a world of immortality. The poem, "To Autumn", that Keats wrote after observing a fall evening, is apparently simplistic and purely descriptive. However, under the surface, Keats has finally started to accept the challenging fact that death is inevitable. Through the poem "To Fall", Keats urges humanity to accept death as a normal element of human life and to comprehend the beauty in passing. The first stanza is packed with concrete and sensual pictures of character and its ripeness through the initial stages of Autumn. Autumn is distinguished as a "season ofmellow fruitfulness" (1). It is a season that "flex[s] together with apples the mossed cottage-trees" (5), "fill[s] all fruit with ripeness to the heart" (6), "swell[s] that the gourd, and plump[therefore] that the hazel shells" (7), and also "set[s] budding more" (8). The verbs that Keats uses represent the bustling action of Fall and also reflect the profusion of expansion. Autumn also functions as the topic of all of the verbs, indicating its dynamic behaviour. Moreover, the large number of those pictures constituting the ripening of nature contributes to the feeling of abundance that characterizes the very first stanza. The stanza also has many brief phrases, again calling up images of wealth. Keats, through his usage of sensual vision, draws readers to real life where there will ultimately be decay and death. The audio devices in this stanza additionally develop the sensual imagery and...

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