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The Octopus - Review Essays

In the turn of the century, American readers were interested only in stories with happy endings, where goodness has been praised and bad was penalized. They didn't particularly care if that was a false interpretation of the way life actually was. When men such as Frank Norris, the writer of The Octopus, wrote angrily of the injustices and poverty to be seen in America, readers turned away. The Octopus created them change their thoughts. The length of this novel and the reality of its personalities held the viewers' interest. It's so powerful a book that we had to care about the corn growers, almost against their wishes. The effect didn't end at the early twentieth century, but has its legacy into the new millenium.The Octopus, depicts the conflict between farmers and also the railroad over power and land in California. The conflict between these two is revealed through the views of several diverse classes, each viewing it their own manner and offering differing approaches to resolve or overcome this issue. Norris uses this narrative as an example to show what he feels is the most crucial ethical dilemma of his period. The Pacific and South West railroad (P. and S.W.) has been the cause of the catastrophe, and as the tragedy constructed, they found it as an opportunity to make even more money from the farmers. The business, in their own selfish desire for riches, always cheated the farmers, initially promising to sell them railroad land at a comparatively low price, and then following the farmers considerably im...

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