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The Outsourcing Dilemma Essay

The Outsourcing Dilemma CIS Strategic Planning Intro To outsource or not to outsource, that is the question. It is indeed a question that a CIO, CEO, or IT manager is very likely to encounter. It isn't a easy query, nor is your answer simple, and there is not a 1 size fits all solution. As with any decision, it is great to face it together with details and without prejudice. This work shall discuss factors which help determine the response, dangers, benefits, price analysis, and consequences to the business. Prevalence of outsourcing How prevalent is outsourcing of IT function? Might it be true that outsourcing at US companies primarily sends work to foreign nations? As reported by a Culpepper Compensation and Benefit analysis of 68 engineering and tech businesses, 81 percent of companies surveyed outsource some IT work, whilst not one of the companies did everything in-house and only 5 percentage outsourced all IT work (Culpepper, 2007). The following table in the survey results reveals the amount of national and foreign trade (Culpepper). This survey clearly indicates that outsourcing is widespread, with prevalence to outsource to national service suppliers. The Gartner Group estimates that outsourcing are a 50 billion dollar business by the end of 2007 (Singh, 2006). Outsourcing options You'll find an assortment of different outsourcing options out there. Among these are software development, software support, hardware support, complete supply of a program and database environment, provision of server performance only, provision of specific application capacity, provision of business allocation purposes, and supply of data backup and recovery purposes. To further specify outsourcing of software dev...

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