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Evaluation of How Allergic Impact Actions and The Way Actions Influences Belief Based on Islamic Theology

. The question topic Describe and analyse how faith affect actions and the way that actions affect beliefs based on Islamic theology firstly you must start to understand or define the significance of belief which is 'A mild god generates in the heart of a person' too 'something believed; an opinion or conviction' A believer ought to believe in Allah (swt) his Angels, his novels, his messengers also in the previous afternoon and Alqdar (The Devine Creed). Actions and influence through belief on Islamic Theology is regarded to believe Allah is the concept that all prophets brought to humanity and shay-tan (satan) has made it easy for humanity to avert this important step to believe in a creator. To believe there is a celestial body intangible that write the positive and negative of someone this is that an angelic existence not seen by the naked eye is actually writing what we see not. His book the Quran "is the starting point of Islamic theology and in all things Islamic." The believer must engage and understand exactly what was to be educated by the last messenger Mohammad (saw) along with the excellent prophets Abraham, Moses, Isa etc.. In action the belief starts with reading parts of the Quran this then allows for acting on these beliefs and hence excellent activities attest. Ultimately the divine creed that is everything written in the Preserved "Tablet in complete detail as regards its attributes, such as beauty ugliness, width, breadth, smallness, largeness, paucity, abundance, lightness, heaviness etc". Understanding of the occurrence of Allah (swt) is the key component that establishes our religion and reflects on our actions. Allah's Apostle said: Islam is based on (the following) five (principles): 1). To testify that none has the right to be wor...

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