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When I Consider How My Light is Spent Essay

John Milton's Sonnet XIX, known as "When I Consider How My Light Is Spent" is a poem considering one's disabling illness in light of a time-less fact the Apostle Paul composed of: everything work to the great who love God and one consequently learns to be content whatsoever. Milton's disabling illness was blindness and by many interpretative accounts he had been blind when he wrote Sonnet XIX. Beneath God's providence Milton "believes" his shadowy infirmity and writes (dictates?) In light thereof. In this shadow and in this light I will look at Milton's Sonnet. First to consider is that the poem used from The Norton Anthology of English Literature is an edited version in The Complete Poetry and Major Prose of Milton, edited by Merritt Y. Hughes. The poem that will be considered here's the 1673 text published in The Riverside Milton, edited by Roy Flannagan. The decision of Riverside was not to intervene into the text, but to render as it was composed. Hughes' changes insert punctuation, capitalization and text to update it to a modern audience. By modernizing the poem Hughes has effectively changed the meaning to what he as the editor had in mind. Milton wanted great readers, readers that read deeper than surface meanings and by altering the text that the art of Milton's words are jeopardized for the poem was designed to confuse the reader. Milton as a wordsmith is preparing the reader for a religious confusion which leads one to a query. Hughes' editing reinforces the binary facets of the poem which sets up one speaker at the octave and a single speaker at the sestet, the difficulty from the octave subsequently the solution in the sestet, if a person likes. If one leaves out the editorial changes, the octave speaker and the sestet speaker become erased...

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