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Calixta Since the Ideal Woman of the 1800's in At The Cadian Ball by Kate Chopin

Calixta As the Ideal Woman of the 1800's in In The Cadian Ball by Kate Chopin "Calixta are there That Tiny Spanish vixen." No matter what the age, there are certain forms of women who seem to catch the attention of every individual in the room. In the narrative At the 'Cadian Ball from Kate Chopin, the protagonist Calixta is precisely that kind of a woman. She is an irregular lady of her time. The perfect lady of the late 1800's was demure, prim and restrained. She had been the paragon of prudery, modesty personified. Afterward there was Calixta. Calixta was all the 'Madonna' of her period wasn't. She was boldly flirtatious, impulsive, sensuous and totally outrageous. For all these anomalous characteristics, she's admired in a fashion. Notably since society of this time is rather homogenous and has strict guidelines for behaviour. The heavy racial preconceptions of the times will also be evident in this story. The sole real reason Calixta's scandalous behavior is tolerated by the community is in her ethnicity. Even so, the guys do not appear to mind her behavior much. The women on the other hand did not necessarily approve. "Bon chien tient de race" She was dismissed often leniently since her mom was Spanish. It did not matter that Calixta had never been to Cuba. The fact that Spanish blood flowed through her veins was sufficient for its people to automatically assume she was indecent. Perhaps Calixta was affected by these preconceived expectations. Yet despite her shocking behaviour, her indecency was innocent, and willful in the same moment. Her taunts towards Bobinot, "Mais, w'in the matta? Standin' plante la like ole ma’ame Tina's cow in the bog you!" Was intentionally provocative, nevertheless it came naturally to her. Since.

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