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Research on Women of Color Essay

Overarching study on women of color (African American, Native American, Latina/Hispanic, Pacific Islander American, and Native American) and also the impact of racism and sexism as interrelated constructs on their academic aspirations is limited. A few scholarly pieces which explore racism and sexism as intersecting constructs, mostly concentrate on understanding the association between these isms as well as the mental health of women of colour (DeBlaere DeBlaere, Brewster, Bertsch, DeCarlo, Kegel, Martin, Boadi, Fernandes,Watt, Hipolito-Delgado, 2010). Likewise, research literature about the experience of women of colour faculty students has put emphasis on exploring women’s encounters with racism more than their encounters with sexism. Recent studies have explored racism on college campuses in a variety of ways including, racial discrimination (Chao, Mallinckrodt, Henson, Derlega, Pearson, Ferrer, King, 2005), colorblind ideologies (Coleman, Chapman, Muñoz, Yosso, Smith, Ceja, & Solorzano, 2009), racialized school spaces (Barajas & Ronnkvist, 2007), and internalized racism (Hipolito-Delgado, 2010). Findings from these studies indicate that a significant implication of racism on college campuses is the impact these in...

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