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Review of British Imperialism Writer

Summary of British Imperialism Imperialism is when a world electricity colonizes a smaller nation or land, and then proceeds to exploit the land and resources of the world or nation. Through the majority of the 18th century, the imperialism was a dominant force on global relations. During the peak of this Age of Imperialism, Queen Victoria and her British empire dominated the entire world. British Imperialism began from the late 1700's because of population growth along with the advances in technology industrialism that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. The regions which the British imperialized in that time frame include India, also a large portion of Africa, and Australia. The Industrial Revolution, a notable evolution in manufacturing technologies and specialized machineries, became one of the key reasons for British imperialism. As the need for more advanced materials grew to encourage the Industrial Revolution, many nations sought foreign territory which could furnish their quickly-growing requirement. The Industrial Revolution allowed England to create better weapons, such breech loading rifles and better boats that helped to conquer different territories. Moreover, the British started colonizing and taking control of different countries because they supplied new commerce opportunities and more income to the mainland. Religion and social Darwinism played an major part in this international force, due to a belief that it had been "the white man's burden" to colonize and "modernize" the remainder of the world which they saw as developmentally inferior. Furthermore, the idea of Social Darwinism simply grew as the exploration of earth rapidly innovative. Social Darwinism is a perversion of the scientific idea of natural selection applied to real li...

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