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Essay on Jonathan Edwards on the Doctrine of Original Sin

Biographical Information JONATHAN EDWARDS was born to the Reverend Timothy Edwards and his wife Ester, October 5, 1703. He was the fifth of eleven born to the Reverend; that made their home in East Windsor, Connecticut. Being from an evangelical Puritan household, he was also expected to research and learn that the Bible as well as the strict tenants of Calvinism. The debates over his Reformed Calvinist faith and the "liberal" movements captivated his thoughts and his pencil. He considered Anglican Arminianism and Deism to be heresy that stood in direct opposition to his Reformed Puritan upbringing. He synthesized Protestant Calvinism with Newtonian physics and Locke's psychology. Beauty, to Edwards has been an essential facet of any thing. Beauty subsisted in stability of arrangement of its parts. Today we can see that this participation still exists in modern ethics. At his graduation at Yale, Edwards gave the valedictorian address to his graduating class. By now he was well grounded in doctrine. Following this he spent two years in New Haven studying theology. Edwards came to Northampton, Massachusetts on August 29, 1726 to help Solomon Stoddard, a renowned revivalist and Edwards' grandfather. Lately, Edwards was believed a scholar-pastor, where his rule for himself was to examine 13 hours every day. Upon the departure of Stoddard on February 11, 1729 that he took the helm of the largest and most influential church out of Boston. From necessity, his attentions turned from the theoretical to practical divinity. Edwards will remain the under-shepherd at Northampton for almost twenty-four years. What's popularly called the "First Great Awakening" found its initial stirrings here, starting in 1734. Edwards oversaw these powerful moves of this Spiri...

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