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Howard Roark in The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand Essay

What words can be utilized to describe a guy like Howard Roark? Many possess known as him an artist, a creator, a modernist. Nevertheless, his motives have gained him a fresh title by culture : selfless. Nonetheless, Roark's apparently selfless actions are actually selfish when noticed through Ayn Rand's description of selfishness. Based on the Merriam Webster dictionary selfless is usually "having no concern for personal". Through the optical eyes of society, Roark is normally neglecting his physical requirements for something higher than himself "You will need the commission. Must you be quite therefore fanatical and selfless about any of it?" (p. 197). Roark refuses a significant building contract since it would mean needing to compromise his beliefs to develop the building. Roark refuses it, regardless of the known reality that he needs the amount of money. The banker who offered him the work sees Roark's stubbornness as selflessness because he's ready to ignore his needs for a concept, that's, modernism. Furthermore, Roark refused Keating's cash when Keating attempted to bribe Roark into not really saying anything about his implication in the Cosmo-Slotnick building. " he switched it over Then, took his fountain pen, wrote on the trunk : 'Pay to the purchase of Peter Keating,' signed and handed the check to Keating. 'And here's my bribe for you, Peter,' he stated. 'For the same purpose. To keep the mouth area shut.'" (p. 193). Roark's gesture could be interpreted as a favour to Keating. He will not want to harm his friend by denouncing him, as a result he wouldn't have informed a soul anyway. He's returning the money since it is usually unfair for Keating to provide a sizable sum for a thing that Roark could have done anyway. He's, once more, neglecting his needs with regard to something higher than him. Ayn Rand believes "[] the selfless guy is...

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