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Internship in Network Security Essay

During my internship I worked at the Network Security Operations Center (NSOC), that will be in charge of the community stability of this community. NSOC's focus is to guarantee the integrity of MCI's network and systems as well as the protection of its tactical and intellectual assets via an ongoing concerted program of prevention, detection, investigation and response to abuse and fraud. There's also a group that was involved with interior of NSOC that's known as the Incidence Response Operations Center (IROC). The projects that I took place in were to react especially to network security alerts generated by the intrusion detection sensors which are situated within the MCI network. These detectors examine packets of information and ascertain suspicious activity depending upon previous experience as well as customized triggers. The IROC response capacity allows all system security episodes to be analyzed and the proper answers initiated as determined by the event's degree of danger. In addition, the IROC security knowledge base, which stores previous episode resolutions, resides inside one organization and helps the preparation of future safety solutions according to trending of the genuine security alarms. The IROC security analysts utilize an alarm system that presents the alarms with detailed info. It includes the sensor location, signature number, a description of the alarm, a source and destination IP address, severity level, and the date and time stamp. The security analyst investigates the alarm starting with the knowledge base entry if this exists. A knowledge base entry is a resolution that was previously implemented to resolve this type of alarm. When there's no knowledge base entry then the analyst begins to investigate.

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