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Girls Empowerment Depicted in Maxine Hong Kingston's Autobiography The Woman Warrior

As newer productions take on the responsibility of passing down their people's culture and history, ancestral costumes are maintained but shifted to suit present social standards. Throughout Maxine Hong Kingston's autobiography The Woman Warrior, a memoir of myths and her mum's narratives, the author is given a sense of empowerment as she discovers her own identity and, consequently, her place on the planet. Growing up, Kingston struggled with her dual legacy, not knowing whether to follow her family's Chinese habits or reside to American society's cultural and social norms. As a Chinese American, Kingston accommodated the fundamentals of both of these different cultures to suit her own way of life, this led to her double oppression by both American and Chinese culture and society; her mother regularly disregarded her remarks since she believed her to be "half a phantom"; a Chinese American. Even though the autobiography does not show a lot of Kingston's own struggles, the narratives within it do follow and reflect her discovery of her own personal identity. Her mothers' parenting abilities of complying to and contradicting stereotypes of oriental women, allowed her to visualize the capacity to attain a better life and also are the exclusion of the continuing stereotype of the submissive asian girl. By rebelling against specific facets her Chinese heritage, Kingston set high standards for herself and other Chinese American women and it serves as an inspiration for other oppressed oriental ladies. Uncertain about her individuality, Kingston relied on her mum's narratives to assist her in the practice of finding her independence and discovering that she was. Though Brave Orchid frequently enforced Chinese customs amongst her brothers, she frequently contradi...

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