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John Keats' To Autumn Essay

John Keats' "To Autumn" Life is a gorgeous thing which should not be wasted. Life has to be lived without warning; it's to not be taken for granted. We will never fully comprehend life, not even in a million decades. The subject of John Keats' "To Autumn" is to delight in life, even as you grow old and it starts to go away from you. He spreads his message during the time period, imagery, and diction of the stanzas. To start with, the time period of the stanzas begins to demonstrate the theme. By itself, it doesn?t establish the subject, but, when inserted with the vision and diction, it will get the job done. The second and third proofs build off of this time frame. The time frame of this stanzas grows through autumn and per day because a person?s lifestyle does. It shows that autumn and also a day are being paralleled to some person?s life. The first stanza is place in early autumn and the dawn. This is revealed is passages from the poem. For example, season of mists and warm days will never cease show this time setting. Season of mists show morning because mist forms from the early morning. Warm days won't ever cease proves early autumn because this is the most popular and most humid time of the year. The first stanza clearly occurs during the afternoon in early fall, and those are paralleled to childhood in life. The second stanza is placed in mid-autumn along with the afternoon. This is evident from the poem. For instance, while thy hook, gleaner, and onto a half-reaped furrow sound asleep reveal the time frame is mid-autumn and day. While thy hook along with gleaner show mid-autumn since these quotations manage the harvest, which happens in mid-autumn. On a half-reaped furrow sound asleep demonstrates day since the furrow is half-reaped, thus half way throughout the afternoon, or the afternoon, and naps are often obtained during the afternoon hours. Apparently, the second stanza is place in the day throughout mid-autumn. Mid-autumn and afternoon compare to adulthood in lifestyle. The third stanza is place in late autumn and the day. The evidence is in this poem. For instance, gathering swallows and hedge crickets sing demonstrate that the time period is late fall in the evening. Gathering swallows shows late autumn because that is the time when birds gather to migrate to warmer climates. Hedge crickets sing shows evening since crickets create their patented sound in the day hours. Certainly, the setting of stanza th...

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