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Shakespeare's Powerful use of Characterization in The Tempest Essay

Shakespeare's Powerful utilization of Characterization in The Tempest In The Tempest, Shakespeare investigates the practice of creativity in addition to the thought that knowledge is equivalent to electricity. The Bard attracts both the Christian and Aristotelian doctrine to support the assumption that morality and imagination are made possible only through the purchase of knowledge. The personalities of Prospero, Ariel, Caliban, and Miranda each represent a different factor from the creative process: understanding, creativity, moderate, and final product, artwork. Nevertheless they represent something else, too: the profound divide between the social groups. The same imagery used to exemplify the creative process is used to encourage the European class system and the subjugation of the native peoples of this new world. Prospero as Knowledge Prospero symbolizes the initial step in the creative process. He is knowledge, thought, and thought (Neilson 105). It had been his idea to bring about the storm that would bring the ship to the island, facilitating the reconciliation involving himself, his brother, along with the king. Through his scheming, Miranda and Ferdinand met and became betrothed. Yet his ideas couldn't be placed into effect without the help of Ariel (103). Ariel was freed by Prospero, and became his instrument. Neilson writes, "Prospero thinks-plans, but can't practice. He needs a functioning agent to carry out his schemes" (105). Caliban, Prospero's wayward slave, warns that the co-conspirators in his plot to kill Prospero, "Remember/First to possess his books, for without them/He's but a sot as I am, nor hath not/One spirit to command" (3.2.86-89). With no knowledge he has gained from his books, Prospero could have no more energy than Caliban. Prospero is a magician, nevertheless h.. .

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