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Essay on Dante Alighieri´s Imagery of Hell

The Middle Ages was a time of instability and corruption, which was once Dante Alighieri lived. Dante wrote concerning the horrible era because he wished to demonstrate his hatred towards the recent leaders. From the Inferno, he illustrates the dishonest community vividly by the usage of influential characters that disobey regulations. In addition, Dante uses imagery in Hell that shows the link between the Earthly sins and grisly punishments that depict a vivid image emotionally connected to the church. Moreover, Dante's orthodoxy occupies mockery because the church did not always have a very clear representation for the placement of a multiple sinner, therefore exposing the inconsistent church. Likewise, Dante's character development shifts in a negative way because of wicked pressures about him and his exposure to the authentic earthly sins. In summation, Dante employs the Inferno to state his own animosity toward the church and also the corrupt environment to expound how people who accompany the church could be contaminated, exactly enjoy the pilgrim. Political figures in Hell explicitly depict their powerful link to the Christian values which govern this age. The most popular figures in Hell, notably the Popes, ended up to get their grievous and shocking misconducts. In Canto 19, the pilgrim speaks to Pope Nicholas III, that informs him that he is in Hell for simony (Alighieri 455, 456). Simony is whenever someone pays to get sacraments, which occurred during the time of Dante's lifetime; this demonstrates he perceives the political figures who have dedicated those scandals. He utilizes multiple Popes from the Inferno to light how profoundly corrupted the leaders of this church had been. Dante exemplifies this by Pope Nicholas being scared that Pope Boniface VIII, that actuall...

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