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Essay about Canada and the Cold War

The Cold War has been a period of tension between the USSR and the US; even at one stage that the Soviet Union and the United States were allies due to the enemy they had in common, Nazi Germany. The Cold War wasn't an actual physical warfare, just the Korean War had been that the physiological warfare. This time of tension started due to distrust between both states. Canada as a founding member of NATO played a substantial part in the Cold War, also contributed considerably during the period of tension. As well as NATO, Canada was also heavily involved in a number of other elements of the Cold War for example NORAD, the Korean War, and the Gouzenko instance. Canada was powerful in the creation of NATO; it had been a member of NATO because it was set in 1949. The objective of this North Atlantic Treaty Organization was to unify the western allies and also strengthen the military as a reaction to a possible threat from the Soviet Union and its allies. In 1949 many countries signed up a contract to be part of the organization including: Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, United States, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and also Portugal.² Canada gained advantages from being a part of NATO like the capacity to have a say in alliance plan, and now Canada would be able to “deal with the US on a multilateral context.” ¹ NATO also provided security for Canada in the potential aggression of the Soviet Union. Canada’s armed forces are the most engaged, and energetic responsive armed forces within NATO. Canada’s priority in NATO has been to make sure that all allies remain modern and are able to confront the threats during the time period. Canada wasn't just a member of NATO just, but it was also part of NORAD. NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defence Command. It is a USA-Can...

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Blade servers composition
Cutter ServersINTROThe internet boom in the late 90's was the causing event that created the dependence on blade servers. It is a fast growing marketplace that come about recently. Dell's PowerEdge 1655MC, the APPLE eServer Blade Center, and Hewlett-Packard's (HP's) ProLiant BL20p G2 are few examples that uses blade machines.WHAT IS A CUTTER SERVERThis is the first query I asked me when this kind of topic was assigned to me. Blade servers? A server is..
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