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CREATED ON 28th November 2017

Essay Concerning Overview of Jerry D. Moore's The Prehistory of Residence

"Different animals construct shelters but merely people constructed houses. (Pg. 1)" The word dwelling evokes so many emotions and mental image of past and future. In the end of the day there isn't any increased relaxation then going home. Yet in our daily hustle and bustle and hectic schedule we seldom take time to love the most age old technology which keep us safe and supply relaxation. In the fundamental shelter and cave dwelling of the earliest humans to the contemporary concrete jungle of this current, humans have proceed beyond the easy shelter. Technology has allowed us to build modern homes in various shapes and sizes but this tech follows thousands of years of footstep. The writer did not only catalog different structures and domicile of individual history but told a story of exactly what these structure means to us. Moore starts off to a dig site looking for primitive structures. Moore describes how humans just don't assemble shelter like most animals, human houses signifies social standing, comfort, shelter and imagination. Moore employs the famed multimillion dollar house of Aaron Spelling in Hollywood as an illustration of how extravagant our small residence is. Individual homes are various sizes and shapes and often build with different material and standard based on geographic location. I think that a Prehistory of Homes is really a book about the history of technology since it is written about a few of the most crucial creation of human development. Human proceeded from temples to build our own shield. It allowed us to become mobile and be a foraging monster. The author addresses the most commonly shared curiosity and supplies history, knowledge and relation to past and future of our houses. I like to understand history with a story telling format and the author has captured it nicely. Moore...

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