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The Life of Emperor Nero Essay

Emperor Nero, famously known among the deadliest, populous, and tyrannical leader in history, was the last ruler of this Julio-Claudian Dynasty. He was born outside Rome in Antium and his mom married his great uncle, Emperor Claudius, in order for his son to become the next Emperor of Rome. It was not clear that her son was supposed to become one of the most feared and cruel leaders in Roman history out of 54 CE to 68 CE. By examining his achievements and failures within an emperor, his influences and affects over the entire economic, social and political spectrum are shown. At this stage from the Roman Empire matters were very dangerous and several power struggles inside the royal family were originating. With the demise of the sadistic Emperor Caligula resulted in this rise of Emperor Claudius and Rome was left with instability. This generated a omnipresence of panic which forced Agrippa, Nero's mom, to procure a spot of safety by marrying her uncle Emperor Claudius. So as to reach emperorship, Agrippa and Nero murdered Emperor Claudius which resulted in Nero getting the youngest Emperor till that moment, in the age of seventeen. His governing was greatly influenced by his mother, in addition to his two dominant advisors Seneca and Burrus. While he eventually did believe in complete dictatorship, primarily he had been quite promising because of his moderate approach to governance. His tutor and advisor Seneca, who was one of the terrific intellectuals and philosophers in the moment, taught Nero in a young age about pity, justice and the sacredness of human life. These thoughts appealed to Nero and he strove to acquire fame by following these ethical ideas. In addition, he allowed the senate to make additional decisions that was appreci...

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