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Democracy Versus Totalitarianism in George Orwell's 1984 Essays

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Democracy Versus Totalitarianism at George Orwell's 1984 Winston Smith lived in a world of lies, chaos, and disorder. His uniform was shabby and living room cold and dirty. Changing the past to suit the present was his job at which he worked, the Ministry of Truth. 1 day, he struck a beautiful young woman of about 26 years of age and immediately fell in love. Little did he know that she'd be the person who'd end his life. He dreams of sleeping with her but fears that he could be captured by the Thought Police because gender is illegal. Through the Two Minutes Hate - a period when members of Ingsoc come together to despise Emmanuel Goldstein, a man who supported liberty and rights - the girl passes a note to Winston. It says for him to meet her at the woods where they could talk. They meet and make love, a feeling he misses because he divorced his wife. Also, doing this action means that he can accept thoughtcrime which is punishable by death. Next, Winston moves into an apartment along with the girl, whose title that the reader learns is Julia, accompanies him. Thinking they're protected from the Thought Police, they perpetrate many distinct thoughtcrimes. Regrettably, their tenant betrays them and bugs were placed in the room that noted their every movement. Julia is removed and doesn't appear again before the last pages of this book. Winston is taken to jail where he is brainwashed through torture to accepting the ideas of Big Brother, a fanciful pioneer of this nation Oceania. The battle presented in 1984 is between democracy and totalitarianism. The reader could see Winston's appetite for democracy because he writes in his journal and sexually partners with Julia, both of which are prohibited in Oceania. Evidence of totalitarianism is se...

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