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Relevance of Community in El Tonto Del Barrio Essay

Significance of Community in El Tonto Del Barrio The title of Jose Armas' narrative, "El Tonto Del Barrio" (or "The Barrio Dummy"), which could be interpreted two different ways. The first interpretation is literal and applies to the simple-minded Romero, who together with the support of his community can operate in the real world. The next interpretation is ironical; it applies to the Harvard-bound Seferino, who though he means well is indeed lacking in expertise that he turns Romero's world upside down and nearly makes him committed to an institution. Many readers find the next interpretation as the more intriguing, but to find the narrative in this light is to overlook a very important element. This element is the significant role of the community that's the setting for this story. If we believe the importance of the community, then Romero is justly the title character. Romero gives the community character through his optimistic attitude, and he is a excellent role model to the children in terms of his work ethic. In return, the neighbors cure Romero with loyalty, kindness, and admiration. In a prosperous community, everyone has to work together and assist one another. Sometimes there are people in the area who appear odd to outsiders. They may even appear odd to the public members. The more peculiar residents may be ridiculed and put down, although maybe not in Romero's community--he is equally respected and well-treated, and in return that he treats members of their community with consideration. In this manner Romero's scenario demands the very best of their community, also in demanding their finest, he makes the city stronger. Though Romero was not quite ordinary, he's got a stable attitude towards his occupation, and that he always made sure his job has been done completely: "R.. .

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