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Jarroc as a Betrayer Essay example

Jarroc as a Betrayer Defection is a phrase which Americans are taught to fear, from the days of Joseph McCarthy to Moscow on the Hudson. Within our collective consciousness, we viewed defectors as equally fascinating and repellent. Defectors from outside the convivial allied world of North America and Western Europe - persons from these Communist places, notably - served a helpful function because of everything inside knowledge they held, and at precisely the same time fearful us since they took the taint of the traitor, and also the odd, cold foreignness of the "other side". The "other side," if not monitored closely, has been coming to bomb us all, and break the whole world as we knew it. Defectors from the United States, on the other hand, had no redeeming qualities. They were those who had sold their own spirits, traitors consenting to ditch the closely guarded secrets that would keep us protected from the Enemy to the enemies themselves! By the nature of the action, defection was inexorably intertwined with federal betrayal. (I use the terms "betrayer" and "traitor" interchangeably, as they're synonymous in meaning. A traitor is a person who has chased.) American defectors would be the worst possible sorts of criminals, also worthy recipients of this death penalty. Yet then, as now and in all times, you will find an assortment of contexts in which any given scenario can be contemplated and defection, like many things, is a crime to a and a honorable act of thought to others.Who would be the greatest judge of these activities? What determines which context the acts actually drop in? During the Cold War, when a Soviet defected, it was viewed very differently by officials within his own nation than it had been here. In the U.S.S.R, '' he...

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