CREATED ON 22nd April 2018

Nature Imagery and the Life Cycle in Robert Frost's The Wind and the Rain

Nature Imagery and the Life Cycle in Robert Frost's The Wind and the Rain in his poem "The Wind and the Rain," Robert Frost grows a central theme, introducing a man's reflection upon his lifetime. As the man ages, he also admits that he spent much of his life worrying about his inescapable death rather than living his own life to the fullest. The guy expresses his desire to rekindle life in any respect costs; he would rather die living than spend the rest of his life concerning himself with death. Robert Frost's subject in "The Wind and the Rain," therefore, is that life should be lived, and one should not worry about his inevitable departure, for he doesn't have the capability to control death, only the way he lives his life. Frost uses images of nature during the poem to support his central motif. In part I of "The Wind and the Rain," the speaker finds the fact that he's aging, and his passing is incontrovertible. He realizes that he has "allowed [his focus on death] push [him] deathward," yet he has done little to change his attention. The man regrets that he spent much of his lifetime "[singing] of departure," wishi...

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