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Things Fall Apart and Citizen Kane Essay

Things Fall Apart and Citizen Kane Okonkwo, the main character of Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe. And Charles Foster Kane of Orson Welles Citizen Kane, both have value systems which are incongruous with their cultures. Thus allowing them to be defeated by society. These are two men with a great demand for recognition. Their requirement for something that has been extinguished long ago. Okonkwos struggle to demonstrate his greatness in the face of people who understood his father. Charles Foster Kane's void that must be filled. The relentless pursuit of respect, power. Okonkwo must conquer the image of weakness within him and his dread of powerlessness. Both characters feel their material possessions can make them the respect they "deserve". Charles Foster Kane is in look for something simpler than respect, '' he seeks his lifetime. The path that has to have been adopted was radically altered, and his life took a completely new direction " I could have been a great guy" he clarifies, if he had the opportunity. The pride of these men who don't have any faults in their own minds, but struggle to eliminate the faults they understand others can locate. This informative article will communicate the value systems of each personality in their culture and the literary and literary methods used to redefine their presence in the works. Charles foster Kane was a child that was very fond of his own mother, as noticed from the first scene of the youthful characters life. Charles' father did not seem to have any attachment to his son. Appearing quite ignorant, we could detect the lack of a father figure in Charles' life. This initial scene is recounted in the journal of Mr. Thatcher. The man...

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