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Feminist Literature Essay

Feminist literature is a wide term politically describing the role of girls, and also how they came to become activists in their pursuit of liberal freedom. The expression feminism has been in existence for decades, correlating with the motion of women's capability to discover a way in life and essentially like in "The Awakening" such as Edna failed, a voice. "Feminism is a belief that women must fight for their equal rights, powers and opportunities as men do," (Cambridge Dictionary). The antagonistic nature of those girls in the Victorian period was to bring several changes in their lifestyle, and not stick to the norm of their traditions and values in that time. This burning desire, to become liberated, emancipated, liberal, and to be able to talk freely of their thoughts was unsettling to many, which led in several devious moves, one being the Seneca Falls Convention which was the revolution of Women's Conferences which then result in feminine independence. "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin, joins with feminist literature because the writer is attempting to depict that the life style Edna has made for her self and she recognizes her liberty later she succumbs to the heritage of marriage. Chopin assesses the principals of these female characters in their work and household duties and how they exemplify their lifestyles round the problems women faced during the Victorian period. To put it simply, girls in the Victorian time grew up with only one mind place, with only one view. This opinion pertained to being a good housewife and above all a noble mum. The women of this time period believed that life was sinful to think of the pleasure or emotions over any 1 else. The Victorian Era was the period of the British ruler of Queen Victoria, also how during her period pe...

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