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T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock Essay

T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock Works Cited Not Contained In The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, a poem by T.S. Eliot, provides an abundant supply of material for applying Freudian analysis. [1] Particularly, it's the personality Prufrock who supplies this rich supply. Although many Freudian themes might have been addressed in regard to Prufrock, in this paper it'll be substituted to the prevalent themes of ambivalence and ethnic frustration found in Freud&s function and the contributing role that the super-ego plays in their occurrence. Actually, Prufrock exemplifies ambivalence and its essential conditions so well that Freud himself could have probably labeled him too neurotic. Before applying Freudian analysis to Prufrock, it is important to address 1 problem which will have an immediate effect in the interpretation of this poem. It stems from the subsequent translated passage found in Dante&s Inferno which looks directly before the body of the poem. The passage is spoken by an individual inside the eighth chasm of hell. [2] If I believed that my response would be To someone who'd ever return to the planet, This flame would move no more, However since no one from that gulf Has ever returned alive, even if what I hear is true, I could answer without a fear of infamy. (Eliot, 3) Although this passage may indicate that Prufrock is speaking to a person who he could trust, his personality would indicate differently. Prufrock is far too consciously anxious in regards to what people think of him. This can be exhibited by his enduring indecisiveness discovered from the numerous questions he asks throughout the poem, such as# &Do I dare / Disturb the universe? & (45-46) and &S.. .

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