CREATED ON 17th April 2018

A Class Divided Essay

A Class Divided The movie A Class Divided was created to show students why it is important not to judge people by how they look but rather who they are inside. This is a very important lesson to learn people spend too much time taking a look at people not for who they are for what ETHNITICY they are. One VARIABLE that I liked about the movie is that it needs to the children how it felt to be on both sides of the spectrum. The HYPOTHESIS of this workshop was that if you outside a youngster and allow them to experience what it is like to be in the group that's not desired because of how they look and then make the other group the better individuals group the kid is going to get a better understanding of to not judge someone because of the way they look but instead they are as people. I enjoyed the workshop because it left everybody that participated in it even the adults that took it later on realize you could REHABILITAE ones way of thinking. The exercise revealed how a child that never had any RASIZM towards them at the practice they turned against their buddies due to the color of the eyes. The children for those 2 days got the opportunity to experience both sides of DISCRMINATION. The kids once day felt SEGRIGATED and inferior to the kids which were placed at the group with more freedom. Then another day the children that were placed in the privileged group were in the SEGRIGATED group. The theory is if you can teach a kid how to DISCRIMINATE against a person that you may just as easily teach them how not to. Sometimes a individual needs to feel what another person feels to understand how they handle people. Personally, I have young kids and I believe it will be great to put my children through a workshop such as this one. T.. .

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