CREATED ON 16th April 2018

Obsession In Two Literary Works Essay

Obsession is one of the greatest obstacles for humankind to overcome. Back in Naguib Mahfouz's Midaq Alley along with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, the theme of obsession helps to both describe and even foreshadow that the fates of the characters. Both books illustrate that obsessions having an object or individual leads to passing, but the books differ in how they depict the effects of the obsessions on humanity. Before continuing this investigation, obsession will be clearly defined. For the aim of this specific article, obsession will probably be characterized by three concepts: the character is displayed constantly considering the desirable object or individual, the majority of your character's actions or goals will be oriented towards the thing or person, and the personality is shown prepared to go to extreme lengths to be able to accomplish the thing or person. In this circumstance, obsession comes out of want because want might be short-lived and readily palatable, but obsession demands desire to harmful means since the character focuses solely on the target and the strategies to achieve this objective. Obsession will be defined more along the lines of addiction rather than desire. In the very first publication, Midaq Alley, the figures have been characterized by an obsession with love or money. Hamida, a woman who develops in an unfavorable financial environment, is often portrayed to be contemplating money and is willing to go against convention and religion in order to acquire financial success. Hamida, while walking down the streets and looking into store windows, is described with a "longing for power [that] centered on her love to cash. [Hamida] was convinced that it was the magical key to the whole world" (Midaq Alley, P40). This mindset earlier in her life affects her afterwards...

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