CREATED ON 16th April 2018

Essay about Identity in 1984

Identity, in today's society, is frequently taken for granted. We've got the ability to be anything we wish to be and act in any way we need to act, but in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, individuality is not taken for granted since it doesn't exist in any way. Winston Smith, the narrator, resides in a dystopian society based on the idea of totalitarian government rule. This government is known as Big Brother. In order for Big Brother to stay in power, a few things are necessary: individuality can't exist; everything and everybody must be uniform; the last must be controlled as a way to regulate the gift; and the people must constantly be practicing the thoughts of Newspeak and Doublethink, a form of control the government holds over the public. By enforcing these basic laws and regulations, the government is able to maintain a tight grip on its people, with few ever releasing themselves from its grasp. Winston Smith on the other hand, seeks to understand the truth behind the authorities, he is always questioning everything and repressing each of the thoughts pushed upon him. Winston "seeks truth and sanity, his sole sources being the long denied and repressed procedures of selfhood" (Feder 398). All identity is gone in this place named Oceania, also for the sake of Big Brother and its own constant control of the people, it won't ever exist again. In 1984, the absence of identity strips the people of all creativity and diversity, as well as takes away any possibility the society must advance as a people or in the area of technology. Oceania lacks some kind of diversity whatsoever; the citizens all live in the exact darkened structures, wear the same simple clothes, eat the exact dreadful food, and are constantly monitored by the authorities through the telescreens located in eve...

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