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U.S. Drug Policy Versus Drug Reality Essay examples

If the United States is serious about winning the war on drugs, it's going to have to face some hard facts about the failure of its drug policy up to now. Since Reagan introduced the war on drugs in the early 1980s, the attention of anti-drug legislation was on incarceration and eradication, not on drug education and treatment. Drug use is regarded as a crimethe same way that burglary and murder are seen as crimeswithout examining the social and economic causes behind drug use. This categorization of medication use as offender misrepresents the nature of addiction. Drug addicts do not abuse drugs because they're deviant or even because they consciously desire to cause injury to themselves or to people around them , they misuse drugs because they are physically dependent on those materials for survival. The only efficient way to break that cycle of dependency is by way of extensive detoxification and treatment plans. Not all advocates of reshaping Americas drug policy are in favor of legalization or total decriminalizaton of drug usage, though such steps are being increasingly amused as a possible solution to Americas drug problem. To the contrary, an increasing number of doctors and scientists have been coming out in favour of a shift in Americas policies from hard-line law enforcement to rehabilitation and education-based deterrence. The need for such a change in coverage becomes more evident when one weighs the magnitude of government outlays on drug-related law enforcement against the ineffectiveness of the war on drugs to date. A couple essential statistics on federal allocation of anti-drug capital and on national prison records illustrate the extent to which American drug policy is centered on the blunt tool of punishment. In 1997, the federal budget f.. .

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