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Essay on Interview Having a Company Manager

Polycom was set in December of 1990 and went public in 1996. Its global function is comprised of roughly 3200 workers. Revenues for 2010 were published at $1.2 billion. Polycom prides itself in being "a global leader in unified communications (UC) options with industry-leading telepresence, voice, video and Polycom UC Intelligent Core™ infrastructure alternatives--all built on open standards. Polycom's vision and plan is to allow UC Everywhere--allowing individuals to communicate and collaborate anywhere on multiple devices" (Polycom Corporate, 2011). Clearly Polycom's success does not just stem from quality products and services, but also from the employees who are in the trenches every day; producing new products, increasing productivity, preserving and increasing customer satisfaction, excellent customer service, etc.. Foresight, innovation, and strategic planning are a daily routine to maintain the company a successful competitor on the industry. It is certainly that Polycom needs qualified leadership. High quality leadership/management is essential to successfully conduct a global enterprise of the statute. Continuous re-organization and product construction changes are necessary to adapt to present and future consumer demands. I interviewed one of the leading managers at Polycom to learn what is necessary to maintain the machine rolling up and what the typical duties of a manager entail. "Every minute differs from the following. The schedule of the day is dictated by what is going on in every particular period of this day" says Scott Eshelman, Director of Services at Polycom, Inc., when asked what a typical day of supervisor resembles (2011). General responsibilities include daily meetings with customers, support engineers, technicians, etc. to get.

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