CREATED ON 16th April 2018

Augmented Reality Essay

Before taking a more in depth gaze at augmented reality [AR], we should first consider the technological advancements created up before the 1990's, when the term "augmented reality" was really termed (Novák-Marcinčin, Kuzmiaková, and Beloushy, 2009). Virtual reality has become a major building block for the development of augmented reality, as they use similar theories and methods. According to Craig & Sherman (2002), "The essential components in experiencing virtual reality -- or even any reality for that matter -- really are a digital world, immersion, and sensory feedback, and interactivity." While augmented reality can be thought of as a relative of virtual reality, there are very important differences. Rather than just being immersed to a digital world, which is exactly what virtual reality entails, augmented reality enhances the actual world with practically displayed objects and data. Augmented reality technology has been once comprised to some kingdom of science fiction for much of society. Yet there are people who understand the promising benefits and improvement connected with this kind of technology as they strive to make it accessible to the masses. The exciting choices for its usage of AR in areas such as medicine, education, and promotion are endless. From providing access to data that is particular to certain locations, to permitting surgeons access to interactive co-located simulations. The first steps left toward a digital universe were created by Morton Heilig, cinematographer and inventor, that came up with the concept of conceiving an sensory stimulating display from the 1950's (Craig, Sherman, & Will, 2009). From his concepts arrived the Sensorama. This system offers 3-D screening, stereo-sound, aromas, wind, and vibrations to those who use it. There are many sce...

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