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Magical Realism and the Sublime in The Circular Ruins Essay Instance

Magical Realism and the Sublime in The Circular Ruins Among the many short stories which the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges has written, "The Circular Ruins" was published in 1964 at a collection of his works entitled Labyrinths: Selected Stories & Other Writings. Even though "The Circular Ruins" could possibly be classified as a Magical Realist text, then one may wonder if this brief story could be categorized as the Sublime as well. By analyzing "The Circular Ruins," a reader will be able to see several similarities involving Magical Realism and the Sublime. Needless to say, the initial step in deciding if "The Circular Ruins" is a sort of the Sublime will be to take a look at some of the characteristics of the Sublime. For instance, one of the features of the Sublime is that it results in the feeling of transcendence, meaning that the reader feels like or she is rooted in the world however, in the identical time, perceptions something that is past the globe (Sandner 52). By utilizing the section of fantasies from "The Circular Ruins," transcendence is seasoned by not just the reader but the chief character, too. Together with the particular purpose to "dream a man" and "insert him to fact," the main character journeys to circular ruins to sleep (Borges 46). After he finally accomplishes his purpose, the main character discovers that he himself is only the consequence of someone else's creativity (Borges 50). Consequently, the reader may wonder if he or she, such as the principal character, is just the dream of someone else. Therefore, while the character and the reader may feel as though they're real human beings, they may start to feel as if they're fanciful human beings, that is the feeling of something beyond the world. How does this atmosphere o.. .

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