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Rosenberg Spies Essays

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Rosenberg Spies In 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of passing information into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) concerning the construction of atomic weapons. Back in 1953, the United States Government implemented them. Some state, the Rosenbergs received their only punishment. Many historians believe that the trial was unfair, which global maintains for clemency were erroneously ignored. These historians assert that the Rosenbergs were assassinated by the US authorities. This report is going to be an investigation of this trial, that the events which led up to this, and its aftermath. What Resulted in the Arrest? The very first clue America had that a Russian spy ring originated in the US was that the discovery of a KGB codebook on the Finnish battle during World War II. Compared with Germany's machine-scrambled codes, the code appeared to be relatively primitive; a specific set of amounts corresponds to your phrase, letter, or essential phrase. There was a tiny catch however; the codebook was to be read with a corresponding page which every KGB officer had been granted. Since the American ciphers didn't possess the corresponding page, there have been an endless number of possibilities that might have corresponded into the publication, making deciphering it impossible. (Milton 7) Klaus Fuchs In 1944, the FBI raided the New York offices of the Soviet Government Purchasing Commission, a known front for the KGB industrial espionage operations. When the FBI began to undergo what they had obtained, they discovered that lots of KGB officers did not adhere to their own orders diligently. They were told to eliminate all their "corresponding sheets." Lots of memos and other letters were carelessly stored off, instead of being destroyed after their use. After much analyzing of all the confiscated letters of the KGB, including the new sheets, then the ciphers were now able to elucidate a number of the codebook they had discovered earlier. Back in 1949, a report by Klaus Fuchs has been deciphered. This is America's first good proof that there has been a spy ring operating within the united states. borders. The American government had any doubts, however. It was possible that Fuchs was not a spy and somehow the KGB had acquired his name. After much analysis, the FBI arrested Fuchs. Along with other evidence, a letter created by the FBI needed a reference to a British atomic spy, whose sister had been att...

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