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Essay on Several Phases That Compose the Cell Cycle

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The two chief stages which occur during a cell cycle are interphase and mitosis. During the majority of a cell cycle, the cell spends a majority of its time in interphase resting in the cell cycle. Within interphase, the cell goes through 3 phases; 2 growth stages and DNA replication. Throughout Interphase the cell goes through its first gap phase (G1). During G1 protein and RNA synthesis occurs so that the mobile can grow and older. (Cooper, Geoffrey M) G1 is very important since it controls the speed at which the cell grows and develops. The stage following G1 is that the Synthesis phase (S1). The principal part of S1 is DNA synthesis. DNA reproduces through this phase so that there will be too much chromosomes in the cell. This component of interphase is essential because when the DNA doesn't replicate as it should, it may lead to DNA mutations within the mobile. During the previous stage of interphase it goes through a different gap stage known as Gap 2 (G2). In G2 the mobile will grow farther and mature. That is a last chance for the DNA to be checked along with protein to be reversed. (Cooper, Geoffrey M).) G2 is the final stage prior to the beginning of Mitosis. After the three phases of interphase happen to be whole, mitosis starts. Mitosis is divided into prophase, prometaphase and metaphase, anaphase, and telophase with cytokinesis. During these phases the mobile goes through a series of branch so that at the end of mitosis the original cell has now been split into two daughter cells. (Cooper, Geoffrey M) From prophase spindles start to form inside the mobile and centrioles start to move to opposite faces of the cell. The centrosomes replicate from the cell and microtubules undergo polymerase. Back in prometaphase microtubules branch out in the centroso...

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