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Essay about The Roman Baths at Nimes

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"The Roman Baths of Nimes" is composed by Henri Cole as a way to express his desire to break free of conformity and societal norms established by his own environment. What's more, it can be considered a means to put an end to an inner battle by coming to terms with his identity. A detailed reading of this poem will help expose the genuine message the poet attempts to convey to his reader. "The Roman Baths at Nimes," a sonnet, has a unique modified arrangement which resembeles the main purpose of the poem. Originally, a sonnet was structured as "one powerful opening announcement of eight lines , followed by a settlement to the psychological or intellectual question of this first part of the poem" (Strand 56). The modern sonnet comes in two forms, both the Petrarchan and the Shakespearian. Both have fourteen lines but they disagree in their own rhyme scheme. Cole unites the elements from the original and Shakespearean sonnets to produce a special structure for his poem. He utilizes an altered rhyme scheme of aabcbcdedefghh, which very closely resembles the modern type of this Shakespearean sonnet (due to the last couplet rhyme hh) but not exactly. He integrates the features of the antique sonnet by introducing his inner battle in the first ten lines of this poem and at the final sentence, resolving the conflict. 1 The author is faced with the struggle of coming to terms with his homosexuality, which broadcasts the "inner" battle of this sort of the poem. The opening paragraph of the poem, "In the hall of mirrors nobody speaks," (Cole 1) puts the gloomy tone through the author's use of imagery to create before the reader a silent dark hallway with mirrors. Another attribute which describes the bathroom, "An ember smolders before hollowed cheeks," (2).

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