CREATED ON 29th March 2018

Essay on Suspense Methods in Slasher Films

In slasher films, suspense is a huge factor to what makes the movie keeps and intriguing the audience watching. Suspense causes visitors to be on the edge of their seat with anxiety and tension with being unsure of exactly what will happen next. It’s the sensation of being unsure of what’s in an area in a haunted home when you hear unusual sounds via it. Personally i think the best-known film director for his suspenseful films can be Alfred Hitchcock. To generate these movies there are numerous techniques used to make the suspenseful feeling in the film. In the slasher film Halloween I examined, many methods were used that produced the movie suspenseful to view, like the usage of music, back lighting, handheld camera movement and perspective shots. The film Halloween is approximately a boy called Michael Myers, who murders his older sister when he's six years on Halloween night. He escapes from the mental hospital a long time later then, and dates back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois to check out a girl called Laurie Strode. On his trip of looking for her to murder her he kills many people on the way. The film portrays a suspenseful gory element that keeps audiences watching till the ultimate end, wanting to know exactly what will happen. The creators of Halloween produced many other sequels linking to the 1st movie. Handheld camera motion is among the techniques found in the movie Halloween. Handheld camera movement is utilized in documentaries. Documentaries feel real and cause you to feel linked and that you will be an integral part of what’s going on in the film. When used in horror movies it can make you feel linked to what’s going on in the movie. When the directors utilize the handheld the movie could be created by it good or not good. When the filming gets.

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