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The color purple Writer

There are many racial components in this novel that are easy to point out. These take place in the American South and in Africa. It starts with the way that each of the black women and men are treated at the start of the book. The main character's real dad was a successful shop owner who was black. This guy was hanged for a motive that is known only as him being a successful black man. All the characters that we're introduced to in this particular book from Celie are exploited from the simple fact that they're black. Sophia is beat up and imprisoned for her refusal to wish to work for a white women. Obviously she stood up for herself and the white element tried to tell her where her area was. There's also an intra racial theme that begins at the beginning of the book that's really hard to actually think. But to me it would make sense after awhile, since if the people tell you something over and over you would begin to believe and accept it. This is shown by the acceptance of what happen to Sophia by her peers. Albert shows this with his denial that Celie could do anything well because she's a black, poor, ugly woman. If there was not any self disapproval among these people than that Albert's black comment would not be prevalent. All the black characters in the book with the exception of Shug are poor and have a bad educational back round. It doesn't describe these characters as stupid just not well educated. This is inflicted by people selling them on the way that it is wrong to educate a black person. The feminism components are more main stream than the racial difficulties. The women at the start of the story are expected to cook, clean, and lay down when told to. They're beaten when they don't obey their husband or man. The men act as if Women are there to serve the man. Celie is forced to have sex with her step father and her husband because she is not strong enough to say no to Albert or her step father. "He just climb on top of me and do his business" says Celie. As if the women are there just to open her legs and let the man do what he would like to do. The authentic first theme of feminism is the act of Nettie to not give in and let Mr.__ have his way with her. In this act it showed him that he was not likely to be able to take from a woman. That's a change because he had always gotten what he wanted because Celie was just too scared to stand up to him. As the story moves along Sophia is...

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