CREATED ON 27th March 2018

Sensational Journalism and Its Effects Essay

"If it Bleeds it Leads" Today the media have changed its principal mission of reporting news which actually occurred in a precise and objective way to covering stirring and controversial issues as news reports due to capitalistic motives. Moreover, today's press took the motto "If it bleeds it leads" as a criteria to report any story. The intent of following this slogan was to attain high viewership prices and consequently gain more advertisers that will ultimately increase the gains. But this motto shifted the press from reporting facts into reporting sensational-fearful news. Therefore , this paper will demonstrate the effects of breathtaking news, and the way the media plays about the cultivation theory using sensationalism to increase audiences. Sensational journalism and its effect to start with, what is magnificent journalism or media sensationalism and what are the potential results? According to Mehrotra (2011), media sensationalism is defined as "type of reporting news to public which involves utilization of fear, anger, enthusiasm and crude thrill undertaken by the media to increase the viewership, evaluations and ultimately gains". Furthermore, this technique can be utilized for two reasons: first to increase the speed of the audiences, and the second is to persuade the viewer that the answer for the proposed fear is going to be shown from the news story. (Serani, 2011). Additionally, the secret to the achievement of sensational based news is presenting the news in a sensational - fearful anecdote format rather than scientific facts. Therefore, the press is promoting inaccurate news as the reports are aired without fact checking and based on sensationalism rather than on accurate facts. Hence, this manner of reporting inaccurate news has hazardous effects on.

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