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Teaching Approaches Used to Promote Active Learning Essay

Active Learning According to the publication Promoting Active Learning from Chet Meyers and Thomas Jones and referenced with Kathleen McKinney, active learning means "(1) that learning is by nature an active endeavor and (2) that different men and women learn in different ways." The first segment of the definition "by nature an energetic endeavor" is significant since it allows the student to develop her critical thinking abilities as well as training her writing methods. The student can discuss course material in a less formal setting, which can be helpful in generating more open-ended discussions for your pupil. As a teacher, encouraging different learning styles is critical because one student learn differently than another. It is an important life lesson a student to understand he will not always get his first choice of how to complete a task, whether it be a job, playing a game, etc.. Say one is in work making company brochures and suddenly a boss comes to the worker. He describes to the employee that using thicker, wider paper to get all these brochures will increase profitability. The employee may be upset for a while because he's unaccustomed to this new construction technique, however in the long run will be happy because he discovered how to design pamphlets in another manner. Much like this employee not needing to change the paper type, a pupil may not need to change or add to the way she learns. The employee, like the pupil, fails to observe a brand new building (or studying) method that's beneficial to her. A worker could delight in constructing brochures with thick, wider paper which would be like pupils' differing learning styles. Only through learning styles and both sections of Meyers and Jones' definition of active learning, an individual can understand that active...

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